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Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a tremendously robust database server that can integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Access. As a true client server environment, SQL Server can provide major performance gains over the standard Access format database, especially as the number of simultaneous users increase. SQL Server also provides a level of reliability and scalability that rivals more costly relational database systems.

Some of the services we offer with SQL are:

Installation and Configuration
Data Modeling and Design
Customized Views
Trigger and Stored Procedure Design
Performance Tuning

Why should you choose SQL Server instead of Access?

Performance - SQL Server operates in a Client/Server mode, while Access databases use a file server mode. This allows SQL Server to act as a "traffic cop", assuring that each client gets the data they have requested in the most efficient manner. By making SQL Server do most of the processing, it makes dramatic reductions in Access user interface response times.

Reliability - With scheduled maintenance tasks and an automatic transaction log it is extremely unlikely that a SQL Server database will become corrupt. In the unlikely event of a corruption, restoring SQL's transaction log can return you to a point in time shortly before the corruption occurred. With Access, you can only recover to the last good database backup, which could be hours or days old.
Integrity - Through the use of SQL Server Constraints, data integrity can be enforced whenever data is inserted, updated or deleted. These Constraints act in a manner similar to Access Referential Integrity.  In addition, Triggers can automatically archive records into a separate table and prevent users from ever physically deleting records.
Scalability - Microsoft SQL Server's only real limitation is the hardware it runs on. A small SQL Server database, with 25 users running on a single SQL Server, can easily be scaled up to distributed multiple SQL Servers in a clustered arrangement, supporting thousands of users.



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