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DBLauncher Database Deployment Tool

The DBLauncher deploys front-end database changes out to the client’s computer with minimal support staff effort, and minimal disruption to the user. The DBLauncher is a small executable file that when loaded adds an icon to the system tray.

system tray icon

The user simply clicks on the icon and a pop-up menu appears with a button for each database the user has permission to use.

Pop-up menu

All user, group and database version information is stored and managed from a central database (Access or SQL Server). Some of the DBLauncher's highlights are:

Central database for user administration

Manage users by groups

User Version Control

Registers OCX and DLL files on the Client computer

Connect to different workgroup files for each database

For more information about the DBLauncher, or to see if the DBLauncher can help your organization, please contact Kevin.


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