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Wendell A. Bell

Wendell began a consulting practice for PC hardware and software based on Microsoft Windows in 1990, focusing primarily on small businesses that did not have a technical staff.  With the release of Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Access in particular, it became apparent that systems could be developed that had functions comparable to comprehensive but expensive systems used by large organizations.  Prior to starting Wendell Bell & Associates, Inc., Wendell worked for Bell Labs and AT&T in a number of capacities and locations.  Assignments included quality assurance, manufacturing research, IT support of a manufacturing plant, systems programming for a large corporate data center, customization of business telephone systems,  project management and technology transfer to foreign partner firms.  His skill set includes:

    System Analysis and Design
    Statistical Methodology and Analysis
    Management Practices
    Project Control and Management
    Rapid Development and Implementation
    Human Factors Design
    Extensive knowledge of computer hardware and software
    Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills
    Relational Database Design
With the synergistic approach he and Kevin apply to business problems, they can quickly and economically create systems using industry standard software that make organizations more efficient and better organized.   Wendell has a BSEE from the University of Nebraska, and an MSIE specializing in Operations Research from Lehigh University, and currently serves as a moderator on Woody’s Lounge.  When not working, you are likely to find Wendell singing with one of the regional opera companies, or at professional music theatre venues such as the Country Dinner Playhouse and the Arvada Center.


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