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Microsoft Access Development

We began developing software solutions using Microsoft Access version 1.0, and we have extensive experience with it. Access is a first class development tool that can create professional applications in dramatically less time than other development environments require. 

The development services we offer are:

Complete Custom Applications
Data Modeling and Normalization
User Interface Planning and Construction
Automation with Word, Excel and Outlook
Analysis and Support of Existing Systems
Reporting Systems
Data Conversion
Third Party Tool Integration

Why choose Access?

Even though Microsoft Access is sold as a part of Microsoft's Office Suite of productivity applications, it is a fully functional development platform that can create complete data driven solutions comparable to or better than those built using more traditional development environments. Microsoft Access's strengths include:

Scalability - A well designed single-user Microsoft Access database can easily upsized to a client server application using Microsoft SQL Server.
Integration - Since Access is a member of the Microsoft Office Suite, it offers strong integration with other Office applications such as Word and Excel.
Rapid Development - Though Wizards and Builder, Access development efforts are measured in hours, days or weeks rather than months or years.
Compatibility - Access can communicate with dozens of different databases in their native format via ODBC and OLE DB.
Extensibility - The functionality of Access can be extended through the use of DLL and OCX files and ActiveX components, just as with Visual Basic.
Reports - Access includes a robust facility for designing and producing reports, including charts and graphs. 
Performance - Access can process complex data requests quickly, especially when connected to SQL Server


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